Advanced Puppy Snack Saver Pack

AD Puppy Snack Saver Pack – These Advance Puppy Snacks are the perfect way to make your puppy happy whilst also supporting its healthy & sustained Read more»

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These Advance Puppy Snacks are the perfect way to make your puppy happy whilst also supporting its healthy, sustained development. The recipe contains nucleotides, which can help to build a strong immune system. DHA and omega-3 fatty acids also encourage optimum brain development and cognitive function. Inulin has also been included for its prebiotic effects and benefits for a balanced gut flora. These beneficial Advance Puppy Snacks are in adorable bone shapes, full of flavour and particularly soft. This soft consistency and tasty ingredients ensure that your puppy will love these treats, and the shape is specially designed to be kind on young jaws. Advance Puppy Snacks are ideal as a treat between meals or for rewarding good behaviour during training. Treat your puppy and look after its health at the same time! Advance Puppy Snack at a glance: Supplementary food for puppies With functional ingredients to support development during this key growth stage Contains nucleotides: encourage to development of a strong immune system With DHA omega-3: to support brain function and cognitive ability Balanced gut flora: thanks to prebiotics (inulin) that encourage the healthy bacteria in your dog’s intestines Extremely delicious: aromatic and full of flavour to ensure high acceptance amongst puppies Ideal as a small snack between meals, as a reward or just a tasty treat Soft aromatic: smooth, soft texture Ideal design: these small snacks in bone shapes are specially designed to be suitable for small jaws Reliable source: premium Spanish manufacturer with 50 years experience in pet nutrition


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