Alpha Sporting Puppy Food 15kg x 2
Alpha Sporting Puppy Food 15kg x 2
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Alpha Sporting Puppy Food 15kg x 2


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Alpha Sporting Puppy is a complete hypoallergenic food, scientifically formulated to provide puppies of sporting, working and racing breeds with the essential ingredients for the best possible start in life. Using only the highest quality ingredients that have been carefully cooked and fortified with a range of minerals and vitamins to ensure that your puppy receives all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and oils, essential for steady growth during their first and most crucial stages of development. Despite how well your sporting puppy is bred, they cannot fulfil their natural potential if their diet does not provide their bodies with the essential nutrients they require for optimal growth and development. 29% Protein Natural Ingredients Essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids Prebiotics to help maintain a healthy gut flora Highest quality chicken protein Wheat gluten free Energy dense extruded product Scientifically formulated for health and vitality Easy to digest and highly palatable Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete



Looking for great deals on Alpha pet supplies?  The Alpha brand is a very well established, highly reputable name within the pet food industry & is synonymous with high quality nutrition and holds an extensive range of pet foods.


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