Ancol Dog Warning Bandana
Ancol Dog Warning Bandana
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Ancol Dog Warning Bandana


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Ancol Dog Warning Bandana Ancol Dog Warning Bandana – These reflective bandanas serve as a warning for other dog walkers that the dog needs to be left alone, when out and about. They are ideal for pets who are nervous about other animals and it is a simple way to let people know that your dog needs space. There are lots of reasons why a dog may need some space – they may have health issues, be nervous or shy, elderly or in training. This Hi-Vis Warning Bandana has been designed to help with this, by making others aware not to get too close (or allow their dog to get too close) to your dog. The text reads ‘CAUTION Please Respect My Space‘. If your dog is showing signs of nervousness, discomfort or aggression around strangers or strange dogs at close range, this bandana, together with appropriate training and management, could help make walks less stressful for both of you.



Find great deals on Ancol pet supplies! Ancol was originally a manufacturer of superior quality leather collars and leads for dogs. The range developed to include items for cats and coats for dogs, and other pet accessories soon followed. Now take a look at their impressive range of pet products.


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