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The antique style Noble Parrot Cage is the perfect home for your feathered friend The cage is very roomy, with plenty of space for you to arrange your bird’s feeding and drinking bowls as you wish. The Noble cage is rectangular in shape with a gently curved roof, giving the cage an oriental look. The cage can be constructed and used with or without the debris trap. There are two perches in different lengths for your pet to sit and sleep on. The front and back of the cage have vertical bars, and the bars on the sides are horizontal. There is a large, robust door in the front of the cage, so that your pet can go in and out easily and you also have good access to the inside of the cage. The door catch is made from brass and the bolt is incorporated into the cage so that you can open the door but your parrot cannot. If you want to let your parrot fly around or perch on top of the cage there is a handy roof door which you can open and attach the smaller perch to. This is the perfect place for your parrot to sit and watch the world go by. There are also 3 small doors on the sides of the cage. These practical little doors can be used to quickly take the food and drink bowls out, without disturbing your bird. The 3 included metal bowls can be mounted directly onto these doors and your bird will always knows where to find food and water. There is a metal litter tray in the base of the Noble cage. which can be easily removed for cleaning. There is also an excrement grille of the top of the tray. This can be removed if it is not needed. The lower part of the cage also has bars so your feathered friend cannot fly away. When your parrot is in the base of the cage the dirt trap prevents any dirt from flying out. The surrounding areas remain clean which makes it easier to keep your living area tidy. The legs of the cage are on wheels, so that you can move it around easily in your home, or even wheel it outside during good weather. The Noble Parrot Cage at a glance: Top quality metal cage Dimensions: Exterior: 81 x 78 x 155 cm (L x W x H) Interior: 59 x 54 x 128 cm (L x W x H) Tray: 60 x 56 x 5 cm (L x W x H) Bars made of powder-coated iron Bar spacing: 2.5cm Bar width: 3.2mm 1 door in cage front: 22 x 50 cm (W x H) 3 side doors, each 15 x 11 cm (L x W) High quality, securely bolted door 3 food/water bowls, each diameter 11 x H 4.3 cm Room to perch on the roof Includes debris trap and excrement grille 2 perches Long perch (cage) – diameter 2.4 x L 62 cm Short perch (open air) – diameter 2.2 x L 38.5 cm Legs with wheels, can be turned 360 Assembly instructions Please Note:This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland.


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