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Perfectly balanced and offering premium nutrition, Applaws Chicken Lamb Cat Food is an ideal dry food for adult cats. This recipe reflects your cat’s natural nutritional requirements and contains delicious, high-quality chicken and lamb. The 80% meat content provides your cat with valuable animal proteins that are easy for your cat to convert into energy. With its low allergenic potential, lamb is an extremely palatable addition and offers your cat important amino acids. Cats require nutrition that is rich in protein and low in grain. Applaws Chicken Lamb Cat Food is completely grain free, which means that even cats with food intolerances or sensitivities will be able to digest it easily. Applaws is well known for only using ingredients of the highest quality to produce complete foods, using only premium muscle meat and no animal by-products. Applaws kibble also contains functional ingredients, like prebiotics and beet pulp, which help to support the digestive function and reduce the burden on the digestive tract. The added salmon oil helps to promote a glossy coat and healthy skin, as it is particularly rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Applaws dry food contains no artificial preservatives. The added antioxidants, for longer preservation of the food, are derived from natural selenium and natural tocopherol, which can have an additional positive effect on your cat’s health and vitality. Applaws Chicken Lamb Cat Food at a glance: Complete dry food for adult cats Perfect for cats with allergies or nutritional intolerances 80% meat content: provides premium animal proteins that can be easily converted into energy 20% vegetables and natural extracts: provide valuable fibre, vitamins and minerals With lamb: offers a delicious taste, which is rich in various amino acids and has a low allergenic potential 100% grain-free: cats do not find grains easy to digest or metabolise. The results of consuming foods with high grain content can be weight gain, diseases of the liver or pancreas, or diabetes Premium quality ingredients: contains no animal by-products or artificial additives With salmon oil: an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat With cranberry: offers natural protection against harmful bacteria and supports the urinary and digestive tracts With yucca schidigera: helps to reduce stool and urine odour and promotes healthy intestinal flora With prebiotics: supports regular digestion and stimulates the growth of healthy intestinal flora With natural taurine: promotes heart function and good eyesight With rosemary extract: contains many different agents to promote the immune system and prevent attack from free radicals



Great savings on Applaws, the Pet food that delivers Health & Wellbeing. Applaws Pet Food focus on creating cat food and dog food that is 100% natural. Making pet food matters.


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