Applaws Fishy Tins Wet Cat Food 70g x 6 – Kitten Tuna

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Applaws Fishy Tins Wet Cat Food are scrumptious, complementary adult cat foods that represents the best of Applaws’ fishy flavoured range. Made from select and completely natural ingredients. What’s more, they’re cooked in their own stock with wholesome rice and completely free of animal derivatives and artificial additives of any kind. Applaws Natural Cat Food is an ideal way to treat your feline friend every day!IngredientsTuna: Tuna Fillet 75%, Rice 6%, Fish broth 19%Tuna with Cheese: Tuna Fillet 70%, Fish Broth 23%, Cheese 6%, Rice 1%. Tuna with Prawn: Tuna fillet 52%, Prawn 23%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%Tuna with Seaweed: Tuna fillet 70%, Fish broth 24%, Seaweed 5%, Rice 1%Tuna with Crab: Tuna Fillet 70%, Fish broth, Crab 5%, RiceOcean Fish: Mackerel flake 45%, Tuna fillet 30%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%Mackerel with Sardine: Mackerel 50%, Sardine 25%, Fish broth 21%, Rice 4%Kitten Tuna: Tuna Loin 40%, Fish Broth, Vegetable gelling AgentKitten Sardine: Sardine 60%, Rice, Vegetable gelling agent. Senior Tuna with Salmon: Tuna Loin 40%, Salmon fillet 8%



Great savings on Applaws, the Pet food that delivers Health & Wellbeing. Applaws Pet Food focus on creating cat food and dog food that is 100% natural. Making pet food matters.


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