Arcadia 2nd Generation D3 UV Basking Lamp

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Arcadia 2nd Generation D3 UV Basking Lamp Arcadia 2nd Generation D3 UV Basking Lamp – Designed as a basking lamp for larger vivaria. Provides UVB, UVA, visible light & also infrared (heat) energy from a single lamp. This means the reptile has sufficient room to move into and out of the basking area to regulate its temperature. The D3 basking lamp is an ideal all-in-one lamp for providing heat, light and UV, every technology however has limitations. Provides heat, light and UV Important for reptiles development and health Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3 Helps prevent metabolic bone disease No external ballast required Many species of reptile and Amphibian require a warm spot under which they can bask and become fully energised with heat and Ultra Violet. As in nature, these basking zones should also be UV rich and stable. We therefore produce this lamp in three sizes: 80 watt, 100watt and 160watt. Click here to also browse a wide range of Reptile Basking products!



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