Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g
Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g
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Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g


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Arden Grange


Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g – These Arden Grange CRUNCHY BITES are a tasty treat that dogs can eat between meals without ruining their appetites. The recipe contains green tea and grape seed extracts which have antioxidant properties. Contains krill, a superior source of omega-3 Added prebiotics FOS and MOS Includes joint supplements MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin Recommended for: Puppies over 8 weeks of age and adult dogs, Dogs in training and Dogs who deserve a healthy treat. Crunchy Bites are hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. This means that when you wish to give your dog a treat, you can be sure that Crunchy Bites will give a healthy reward that your best friend deserves. Arden Grange Crunchy Bites are a complementary dog food and the ideal reward to use when training or for good behaviour. Flavours available in: Chicken Lamb Salmon New handy size – now approximately 4cm in length. Click here to also browse the wide range of Arden Grange Dog Food & Treats!


Arden Grange

Great offers on Arden Grange pet supplies, nutrition without compromise is the foundation of everything that they do. All of their canine and feline diets are naturally hypoallergenic, benefiting from prebiotics and joint support. All ingredients in their diets serve a purpose and have been included for their nutritional value to promote optimum health and vitality.
Arden Grange


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