Back on Track Equine / Horse Work Boots (Hind) – Medium Black

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Back On Track


If you are looking for a pair of durable hind boots, look no more! Designed by Back on Track® these fore leg boots are durable, sturdy and not to mention – very sleek looking! Made using only the best materials, these boots combine both the top-notch protection and warming therapeutic effects by incorporating the ever so famous Welltex™ ceramic infused technology. The outer layer is made from durable TPU casing and a highly breathable layer of nylon. The Welltex™ lining inside is incorporated with an intention to aid in pain and tension relief by applying FAR infrared technology. These boots are very easy to put on and have high-quality elasticised brass buckles which are not only perfect in distributing the pressure evenly but also look very classic and put together. These rear boots are perfect to complement the pair of front Royal work boots and are available in three colours – black, brown and white!


Back on Track

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Back On Track


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