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Greats deals now on Biokat's White Dream Classic Fine Cat Litter Made of White Natural Clay for Firm Clumps and Strong O...... Shop Now!

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Biokat’s White Dream is a white clumping cat litter made from natural clay. Made using high-quality, white bentonite clay Biokat’s White Dream cat litter is extremely absorbent and binds unpleasant odours quickly. Because of its natural white colour, you will easily be able to tell when the litter has been used, allowing you to remove the soiled litter easily. The fine grain litter can absorb more than it’s weight in liquid and is fast-acting. On contact with any liquid, it quickly forms a solid clump, which can be easily removed, leaving the rest of the litter clean and fresh. It is also virtually dust-free and unscented, making it an ideal litter for sensitive cats. Biokat’s White Dream cat litter offers long-lasting hygiene for your cat and their litter tray! Biokats White Dream Cat Litter at a glance: High-quality, clumping cat litter Natural, white tone: for safe urine control Fast-acting and long-lasting odour control Highly absorbent Fine grain litter 99% dust-free No fragrance: suitable for sensitive cats Economical: can be used for up to 48 days Made in Germany



Great deals on Biokat's cat litter! Pure well-being! Biokat's stands for 100 percent natural ingredients. Biokat's also stands for outstanding worlds of fragrances. This makes Biokat's products perfect for satisfying two important needs in a harmonious relationship between human and cat – hygiene and wellbeing!


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