Black/ Anthracite Trixie Filippo Cat Tree

This beautiful cat tree with an unusual design will grace your living room. The medium high, sturdy cat tree with 12cm thick sisal pillars distinguishes its… Read more»

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This beautiful cat tree with an unusual design will grace your living room. The medium high, sturdy cat tree with 12cm thick sisal pillars distinguishes itself from other cat trees through the use of a dark colourway and contrasting materials. It has four padded platforms covered in a mixture of plush and a velour-like fabric with a silky pattern. The base plate has been covered in a rustle foil, underneath the fabric, which your cat will find particularly interesting, as even the lightest touch can produce exciting rustle noises! The deep, round hammock is padded, and lined with warm plush fabric, and is the perfect hide-away spot for your cat to have forty winks. The round platform makes the cat tree especially stable, and also acts as a foothold for getting to the upper decks. The opening of the large platform makes it possible to climb the tree in different ways, and the long pillars mean that your cat can have a delicious stretch when it is scratching. The removable round bed with a soft border is an added benefit, as it can easily be washed by hand. Trixie Filippo cat tree at a glance: Medium high cat tree with four platforms Ideal for large breed cats Stylish design with contrasting materials: Velour fabric with a silky flower pattern, combined with dark plush Base plaste with sewn-in rustle foil: The lightest touch makes exciting rustle noises Extra-thick and tall pillars wound with natural sisal: Perfect to for sharpening claws and stretching Removable snuggle bed: Easy-clean by hand at 30°C. Padded platforms Very stable construction 3 toys on nylon string: Approx 5cm diameter Colour: Velour fabric: Anthracite with a shiny black pattern Plush fabric: Black Sisal pillars: Black Maximum space required for tree: With hammock placed at the side (L x W x H): 94 x 68 x 114 cm With hammock placed at the front (L x W x H): 88 x 70 x 114 cm Base plate (L x W x H): 77 x 58 x 2 cm Hammock: 40 cm diameter x 10 cm Padded 1st Platform: 58 cm diameter Climb-through opening: 23cm diameter 2nd Platform with padded sides: 58 cm diameter x 14cm high Platform area (L x W): 24 x 50 cm Climb-through opening: 19cm diameter Paw-hole in the border: 6cm diameter Removable bed with padded border: 42cm diameter x 9cm high Platform area: 35cm diameter Hand wash at 30°C 8 sisal pillars: 12cm diameter 5 x 35cm 1 x 28cm 2 x 17cm Assembly advice: Construct the cat tree starting with the topmost pieces first. Read the assembly instructions carefully.



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