Burgess Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets
Burgess Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets
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Burgess Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets


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Give your rabbit the best start in life with Burgess Excel Junior Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets with Mint, a complementary feed formulated to offer key nutrition to improve your rabbit’s wellbeing. It is ideal for both junior rabbits and dwarf rabbits, with probiotics to help develop healthy digestion and higher protein levels to support muscle growth. Vets recommend choosing a diet that can support your rabbit’s dental, digestive and emotional help, and this Burgess Excel Junior Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets with Mint has been tailored to do just that. The Excel Feeding Plan offers the ideal way to ensure your rabbit is getting everything it needs, including the right levels of nutrients and fibre. The nugget form helps to prevent your rabbit from selective feeding, which can result in your rabbit only eating the tastier pieces and leaving behind high-fibre, nutritious parts of the food. Burgess Excel Junior Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets with Mint at a glance: Tailored complementary feed for junior rabbits and dwarf rabbits In blended, extruded nugget form to prevent selective feeding Rich in fibre: essential for supporting digestive health, combined with prebiotics Nutritious: contains all the key nutrients your rabbit needs for good health, including essential vitamin C Tasty: with mint to provide an irresistible flavour Recommended by veterinarians Did you know that your rabbit or guinea pig’s diet should consist of around 85-90% hay? Use a hay such as our Feeding Hay with Dandelion Marigold to create the main part of your small pet’s diet, helping to support dental and digestive health. Burgess Nuggets can be added to provide key vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as to help avoid selective feeding. Feed snacks as a little additional treat, as well as handfuls of fresh greens, to help boost your pet’s mental health and happiness, and make sure fresh drinking water is always accessible. Check out our website for advice on which vegetables can be beneficial to your pet!



Great savings on Burgess! The british family pet experts. Burgess are one of the UK's leading pet food manufacturers.


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