Natural Catsan Cat Litter
Catsan Cat Litter – Natural
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Catsan Cat Litter – Natural


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Hygiene for complete wellbeing, without any artificial scents or ingredients! Catsan Natural is an absorbent litter made entirely from natural ingredients, helping to keep your cat’s litter tray clean, wholesome and pleasant for you and your feline. Catsan Natural is an extremely absorbent clumping litter made from 100% natural pure plant fibres. It is ideal for all environment-conscious cat owners, as the litter is completely biodegradable. Both you and your cat will benefit from the strong odour-binding properties of this natural litter. Unpleasant smells are immediately encased, as the Catsan Natural forms quick, strong clumps as soon as your cat has paid a visit. The clumps can be easily removed using a scoop, ensuring your cat’s litter tray quickly returns to its usual clean environment. Cats love cleanliness – as to their human owners! – and know that litter not only adds an extra dose of hygiene to the litter tray, but that it also brings the natural scent of the litter. Catsan Natural also has an additional pleasant property: the granules are extremely soft and paw-friendly! Catsan Natural at a glance: Clumping litter for cat litter trays 100% natural: made from pure plant fibres 100% biodegradable: can be disposed of in an organic waste bin Extra absorbent: quickly forms strong clumps that are easy to remove Combats unpleasant odours: with a pleasant natural fragrance, this litter captures nasty smells immediately Soft qualities: gentle on paws Contains: 8l



Great savings on Catsan, we recommend CATSAN Litter for your kitten. 25 years experts at CATSAN have ensured our cat hygiene products meet the needs of your cat.


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