Concept for Life Veterinary Beef Urinary Wet Cat Food

Beef Urinary Concept for Life Veterinary Wet Cat Food – Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Urinary – Beef is a premium complete wet food for adult… Read more»

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Concept For Life


Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Urinary – Beef is a premium complete wet food for adult cats with urinary disease. Many cats suffer with FLUITD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), including bladder infections, cystitis and bladder stones. These issues often occur if your cat does not drink enough and the urine becomes too concentrated. When this happens, excess minerals can form small crystals. Larger mineral formations are called stones. The most common are struvite stones which are made up of a magnesium-ammonium-phosphate compound and occur when the urine pH is too alkaline. How can Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Urinary help your cat? This premium therapeutic food has been specifically developed for cats with bladder stones and urinary tract disease and is optimally adapted to suit their specific nutritional needs. The food has acidifying properties which help to dissolve existing struvite stones. These stones are made up mainly of magnesium and phosphorus, so Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Urinary has a low magnesium and phosphorus content, while still providing the appropriate amount needed to cover your pet’s daily nutritional needs. The wet food has a high liquid content which helps to increase your cat’s fluid intake. This flushes out the urinary tract and dilutes the urine, making it more difficult for excess minerals and germs to accumulate. This therapeutic food is also suitable for lower urinary tract disorders as it contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, both of which can help to keep the bladder lining (mucosa) healthy. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon oil can help to keep your cat’s fur shiny and skin soft and supple. Concept for Life Veterinary Diet – tailored nutrition for your cat. Contraindications: Not suitable for pregnant or lactating cats, kittens, cats with hepatic insufficiency associated with impaired bile secretion, and cats with calcium oxalate or uric acid stones. Our quality guarantee: Dietetic complete wet food tailored to your cat’s specific nutritional needs Scientifically-based nutrition which supports veterinary therapy Grain-free recipes No wheat, corn or soya Top-quality raw meat ingredients ensure it is well-accepted, and very digestible Made in Germany. General information: Please seek your vet’s advice before using this food or extending the feeding period. When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups. If your cat’s health deteriorates please seek veterinary advice immediately.


Concept for Life VET

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