Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Weight Control Saver Pack 3 x 3kg

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Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Weight Control is a premium complete dry food for adult cats with weight problems. Obesity in cats can have many different causes. Some of the most important factors are too high an energy intake and too little movement. Neutered cats and house cats can experience changes to their metabolism and this can affect their weight adversely. Obesity and overweight can also increase the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a disorder where an insufficient insulin function affects the glucose metabolism. A change to your cat’s diet is necessary to support weight reduction and to regulate the glucose supply.

How can Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Weight Control help your cat?

This premium therapeutic kibble has been specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of cats that are overweight or suffer from diabetes mellitus. By combining low energy levels, adequate protein and L-carnitine, Concept for Life’s Veterinary Diet Weight Control can help to support a reduction in excess weight. Natural fibre promotes satiety and a regular digestion. If your cat is overweight its joints can be particularly stressed. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate provide nutrients that can help to support cartilage. The low carbohydrate content helps to regulate the glucose supply if your cat is suffering from diabetes mellitus. Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Weight Control provides your cat with all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so your pet will not suffer any nutrient deficiency, even if it remains on this diet for a long time.

Concept for Life Veterinary Diet – tailored nutrition for your cat.

Veterinary Diet Weight Control Concept for Life quality guarantee

  • Dietetic complete dry food tailored to your cat’s specific nutritional needs
  • Scientifically-based nutrition which supports veterinary therapy
  • Top-quality ingredients ensure it is well-accepted, and very digestible

Concept for Life information

  1. Please seek your vet’s advice before using this food or extending the feeding period.
  2. When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups.
  3. If your cat’s health deteriorates please seek veterinary advice immediately.


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