DeliBest Vital Natura Snack Green Lipped Mussel
DeliBest Vital Natura Green Lipped Mussel
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DeliBest Vital Natura Green Lipped Mussel


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DeliBest Vital Natura Snack with Green Lipped Mussel are deliciously tasty dog chews, particularly suited to dogs with joint problems. The gently dried beef scalp strips are a very low-fat source of protein, with a hard consistency that can help to strengthen your dog’s jaw and clean its teeth through intensive chewing. The addition of green lipped mussel extract and glucosamine can help to keep joints mobile, stabilise connective tissue and promote healthy cartilage formation. In addition, natural collagen proteins promote good skin and coat health. Vital Natura Snacks are around 15cm long, with a light malt and mineral coating that improves the flavour and aroma of the chews and also ensures that the chews feel dry to the touch, rather than oily. Malt can also help to improve your dog’s overall wellbeing and strength. As Vital Natura Snacks are grain free, they are especially suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion or dogs with grain-related allergies. DeliBest products are 100% natural, without any chemical additives. The raw ingredients are sourced from quality producers that adhere to the appropriate regulations regarding use of chemical residues, medications, myotoxins and hormones. DeliBest Vital Natura Snack – Green Lipped Mussel at a glance: Chew snack for dogs with joint problems Made in Switzerland With green lipped mussel extract and glucosamine Promotes joint mobility and the stabilisation of connective tissue and cartilage Long-lasting chewing fun Glazed with malt and minerals: for improved flavour and aroma, and to ensure the chews feel dry, not oily Grain free Strengthens the jaws and helps with oral hygiene 100% natural – no chemical additives Raw ingredients sourced from quality food producers



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