Dog Toothbrush Stick For Dog Teeth Cleaning
Dog Toothbrush Stick for Dog Teeth Cleaning
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Dog Toothbrush Stick for Dog Teeth Cleaning

£11.99 - £13.58


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Dog Toothbrush Stick, a non-toxic canine dental chew for safe dog dental Care. Choose from large and small dogs toothbrush sticks effective dog teeth cleaning. You’ve probably seen the dog toothbrush sticks, puppy dental care brushing chew toys. This is the most effective doggy teeth cleaning massager on the market for teeth cleaning in dogs. We have all been there, getting your pet to like their teeth being brushed. When you give your dog the toothbrush stick, the dog will run away and because the stick toothbrush is a chew like toy, your dog will happily sit and clean their own teeth simply by chewing this chew like toy.

How to use the Dog Toothbrush Stick

  1. Squeeze the toothpaste into the hole in the top of the dog’s toothbrush, then let the toothpaste flow into the sink and out of the hole along the bristles.
  2. Let your dog chew it under your supervision for 3-5 minutes each time.
  3. In order to clean the dog’s teeth more effectively, we recommend replacing the new toothbrush every two months.

Dog Stick Toothbrush at a glance

Every dog is unique but here are some top tips to captivate their interest and motivate teeth cleaning:put some delicious toothpaste into the top hole or side, if your dog doesn’t like toothpaste, you can try to put some peanut butter or something to their individual taste.

  • Dog Toothbrush Stick has bristles on all sides.
  • Provides 360 degrees cleaning experience.
  • You can squeeze the dog toothpaste into the top hole and the toothpaste will flow out of the 6 holes.
  • Promotes your pet to deepy clean their teeth.
  • Made of Natural hard rubber
  • Size: 5.7in * 4in * 1.7in

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Why do you need to choose a dog toothbrush for your pet dog? The same as us humans, dogs also have oral health problems if not looked after, we need to care for their teeth. Dog Toothbrush Stick for Dog Teeth Cleaning has many benefits. Let’s take a look below at why you should be using this chew like toy that is infact the most effective dog toothbrush.

Simple but Very Effective

Rigid bristles helps to grind away plaque, can be inserted toothpaste easily. Paw base can be hold on the ground steady and allow dogs easy holding so that can encourage the dog chewing.

Mad from a Natural Rubber

The dog toothbrush stick is made of the latest natural rubber, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly, And It has been upgraded recently more durable which will not be destroyed easily.

Prevents Plaque & Tartar Build Up

Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to infection, and that could mean bacteria leeching into your dog’s body. You don’t have much time to clean the dog’s teeth? The dog teeth cleaning toys stick is designed to help keep dogs teeth clean between brushings.




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As an Amazon Associate Bargain Pet Supplies earn from qualifying purchases.


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