Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar
Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar
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Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar


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The Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar is a completely natural anti-stress product that has been clinically proven to have a soothing effect on cats. Thanks to the patented manufacturing process, this calming cat collar releases the continuous scent of catnip extracts (Nepeta Cataria) for 30 days, helping to improve the wellbeing of cats in stressful situations. Whether your cat is affected by a new member of the household, changes in their environment, territorial conflicts or loud noise, the substance nepetalactone contained in catnip can help to keep them calm and relaxed – and all completely without the use of artificial or synthetic additives. The relaxing effect of the Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar can help to eliminate stress-related behavioural problems in cats, including scratching and biting, urine marking, irritability and a loss of appetite. The Felisept cat collar lasts for one month and starts to work the moment it is removed from the packaging. Experience the soothing power of nature with Felisept Home Comfort. The Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar at a glance: Cat collar that can help to relieve stress Natural ingredients: contains the active substances in catnip (Nepeta Cataria), and is free from artificial or synthetic additives Relaxing effect: nepetalactone soothes cats in stressful situations Effective against a variety of stress factors: including territorial conflicts, noise, moving house and travel Combats stress-related behavioural problems: such as scratching and biting, urine marking, irritability and loss of appetite Long-lasting effect: calming scent is continuously released for 30 days Direct impact: scent is constantly released into your cat’s immediate environment Easy to use: boasts a handy click fastening and can be worn during bathing Made in Germany by Quiko Colour: white Material: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer Dimensions: 35 x 1 cm (L x W), suitable for cats with a neck circumference up to 30cm



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