Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon - 30g
Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon – 30g
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Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon – 30g


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Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon have a creamy filling of delicate salmon surrounded in a crispy shell. The grain-free recipe contains vital vitamins and taurine. Your cat will adore these Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon, whether they are fed as a snack between meals, a tasty treat or as a reward. Your cat will taste the love that goes into these Feringa treats, made with fresh ingredients that have been carefully selected and gently prepared by a family business in Austria. Feringa – Lovingly prepared, just like home-made. Feringa Crunchy Bites Salmon at a glance: Grain-free and no added sugar With taurine: to support healthy vision and heart function With vitamins and minerals: to strengthen the immune system Produced by an Austrian family business



Find great deals on Feringa pet supplies! Feringa pet foods are grain-free. Wet and dry cat food is a great way to ensure your pet has a natural, species appropriate diet. Feringa is also gluten-free. Carefully selected easy to digest fruit, vegetables and tasty herbs are used instead of grain.


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