Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap

The Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap has a large entry diameter and is particularly suitable for large cat breeds. It can be fitted to doors or into walls and all… Read more»

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The Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap has a large entry diameter and is particularly suitable for large cat breeds. It can be fitted to doors or into walls and allows your cat to pass between rooms or to move easily between indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the 4-way locking system, you can also choose whether the Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap stays closed, opens in both directions or just one direction. The tinted swing flap is fitted with seals to ensure that it closes properly and to protect against draughts. There are also magnets that help to keep the cat flap closed even during windy weather conditions. The depth of the Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap can be adapted to a maximum of 5cm in order to fit the thickness of your door or wall. An additional tunnel extension can also be purchased to increase it by a further 3cm if necessary. This cleverly designed product helps provide your cat with the freedom it needs! Freedom Multi-Way Cat Flap at a glance: White cat flap for doors or walls With spacious entrance: ideal for large cat breeds 4-way locking: can be completely closed, opening in one direction or opening in both directions Tinted swing flap with brush seal: protects against draughts and ensures the flap shuts quietly Magnet closes: keeps the flap tightly sealed when not in use and keeps it closed even against the wind Depth individually adjustable: through optional tunnel extensions with 30mm depth More freedom: allows your cat to move from room to room or between inside and outside even when you are not home Colour: white Material: plastic Dimensions: Total dimensions: 23.5 x 25.2 cm (W x H) Required hole size: 21 x 22.7 cm (W x H) Passage size: 19 x 20.6 cm (W x H) Maximum installation depth: 50mm The tunnel can be shortened by 16-38mm using two stamps The entrance can be increased using plug-in optional extensions, each adding 3cm length Includes: Multi-way cat flap Screws with caps Instructions Tunnel Extension at a glance: One element extends the tunnel by 3cm More tunnel extensions can be stacked onto one another Colour: white Material: plastic Dimensions of tunnel element: 5.8 x 20 x 21.5 cm (L x W x H)


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