Hills Prescription Diet Feline KD+ Mobility with Chicken 5kg

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Prescription Diet k/d + Mobility Feline is formulated by veterinarians to help manage cats with kidney disease. Key BenefitsFormulated with controlled phosphorus and low sodium to support kidney & heart functionSupports your cats ability to run, climb and jump in as little as 28 daysSupports vitality & alertness in older catsWith improved amino acid profile to support your cat’s natural ability to build lean muscle dailyWith Enhanced Appetite Trigger (E. A. T. ) Technology that stimulates appetite of cats with renal conditions, for up to 35% greater caloric intake than other renal foods in the market. Available in dry bags and delicious pouchesIngredientsBrewer’s rice, animal fat, chicken (21%) and turkey meal, maize gluten meal, wheat, pea protein, dried whole egg, fish oil, minerals, digest, cellulose, soybean oil, dried beet pulp, L-carnitine, vitamins, taurine, trace elements and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols) . AnalysisDry Matter: ALA 0. 35%, Beta-Carotene 1. 63mg/kg, Biotin 0. 18mg/kg, Calcium 0. 73%, Carbohydrate (NFE) 41. 96%, Chondroitin Sulphate 419. 57 mg/kg, Crude Ash 5. 22%, DHA 0. 35%, DL-methionine 1. 52%, EPA 0. 51%, Essential Fatty Acids 5. 35%, Fat 23. 48%, Fibre 2. 28%, Folic Acid 2. 07 mg/kg, Glucosamine 401. 09 mg/kg, L-Carnitine 554. 35 mg/kg, Magnesium 0. 08%, Manganese 19. 78 mg/kg, Niacin 155. 43 mg/kg, Omega-3 fatty acids 1. 43%, Omega-6 fatty acids 3. 91%, Pantothenic acid 13. 48 mg/kg, Phosphorus 0. 54%, Potassium 0. 83%, Protein 30. 87%, Pyridoxine 10. 43 mg/kg, Riboflavin 10. 43 mg/kg, Sodium 0. 25%, Soluble fibre 0. 64%, Taurine 2220. 65 mg/kg, Thiamine 13. 48 mg/kg, Vitamin A10 9029. 35 IU/kg, Vitamin B12 0. 11 mg/kg, Vitamin C10 97. 83 mg/kg, Vitamin D10 923. 91 IU/kg, Vitamin E10 597. 83 mg/kg



Great savings on Hill's! A perfect balance of natural ingredients to enhance the lives of your pet and your family. Plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


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