Science Plan Puppy Food
Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Food
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Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Food


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Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Food – The first few months are vital for your puppys lifelong heath. Thats why Hills Science Plan Vet Essentials Puppy is specially formulated to address the essential health needs of your puppy and contain proven levels of DHA (omega-3 fatty acid, naturally found in mother’s milk). This helps to support visual and brain development. Key Benefits: Immunity – Clinically proven antioxidants with high levels of vitamin E to support a healthy immune system. Vitality – Precise balance of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy bone and joint development. Digestion – Highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres to support a healthy digestive tract. Oral Health – Precise balance of vitamins and minerals for healthy development of teeth. Skin & Coat – High levels of omega-6 fatty acids help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Science Plan Vet Essentials Puppy formula should be fed from weaning until maturity at 1 year old. The daily amount required by individual puppies may vary substantially. Therefore the amount should be adjusted to maintain optimal body weight, and fed as 2-4 meals per day (the number may decrease with age). Science Plan Vet Essentials Puppy is also recommended for pregnant or lactating bitches. Ingredients: Maize, poultry meat meal (Chicken min. 30%), animal fat, dried beet pulp, digest, maize gluten meal, fish oil, potassium chloride, salt, rice. Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Dog Food with Chicken is specifically formulated dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of an adult dog, to help it stay healthy and strong. Made from high quality ingredients including a minimum of 20% chicken, Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Dog Food is infused with: High Quality Protein – To support strong muscles; Minerals – To help boost overall health; with added calcium to help keep bones and teeth strong; Natural Fibre – For a healthy digestive system; Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – For a shiny, healthy coat; Anti-oxidants – Boosts your dog’s immune system, reduces cell damage and aids growth. The crunchy kibble will help aid your dog’s dental health through the natural crunching process, promoting dental care throughout your dog’s life. Suitable for dogs over 1 year of age. Please use the menu above to select your size and choice.



Great savings on Hill's! A perfect balance of natural ingredients to enhance the lives of your pet and your family. Plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


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