Hotline Deluxe 50m Electric Poultry Netting Kit & Gate System

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Are you thinking of welcoming a small-to-medium flock of poultry onto your farm or smallholding? Well, first of all, what a great idea, you genius you! Chickens and Ducks make especially handy feathered friends, producing a good quantity of eggs that will help you to become more self-sufficient, and live off of your land! But what do you need to welcome home some chicks and ducks? nWell, first of all – you need somewhere to keep them that not so Fantastic Mr Fox won’t be able to break into. And the very best solution for keeping predators out – electric fencing! With this electric fencing kit, you’ll get everything you need. Including an energiser, fifty metres of poultry net, ground stakes, corner posts, and even a sign to warn passers-by of the electrified fencing! nWhat smart fellows they are over at Hotline, they really have thought of everything. And when it comes to powering the fence, you can simply plug into mains power, or if your hens are kept away from electrical points – fear not, a 12v leisure battery will do the trick!nPower sources: Mains power supply or 12v battery.nContents:nn50 metres of green poultry netn4x CP112 double spike corner postsnHLC120 Gemini 120 energisernPGS-1 Hot gate systemnKV10 TesternES2 1m Earth stakenGround skewersnPegsnCorner guysnWarning signn


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