IAMS Large Adult Rich Chicken Dry Dog Food

Buy Large Adult Rich Chicken IAMS Dry Dog Food – IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food is complete, balanced food designed specially for supporting your dog’s… Read more»

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IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food is complete, balanced food designed specially for supporting your dog’s health, helping support vitality and offering irresistible flavour. The high-quality dry food is rich in animal protein and is made with improved wheat-free recipes tailored to meet the unique needs of your dog throughout its life. This IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals chosen to support 7 signs of healthy vitality. The crunchy kibble is specially adapted to be the ideal size for your dog’s jaws, supporting dental health and helping reduce tartar build-up. The nutrients in this food are vital for muscles, bones, digestive tract, heart and immune system strength. IAMS for Vitality can also keep coat glossy and skin healthy. It has a base of animal protein, which forms a large part of the total protein content. This tasty dish is rich in meat to ensure great acceptance and hearty flavour. There is no wheat in this dish, and it is also free from artificial colours and flavourings, making it easy to digest and well-accepted. This IAMS for Vitality Adult Dry Dog Food contributes to overall wellbeing and great quality of life. IAMS for Vitality Dry Dog Food at a glance: Balanced dry food for junior, adult and senior dogs For all breeds, with specific small, medium and large options, as well as reduced-fat version Rich in animal protein: of the total protein content Supports 7 signs of healthy vitality: Healthy teeth: the crunchy texture and adapted mineral content can help support dental health and combat tartar build-up Glossy coat and healthy skin: supported by omega-3 and -6 fatty acids Strong bones: enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D to support bones Strong muscles: high-quality animal protein and essential minerals help to keep muscles strong Strong immune system: antioxidants and a combination of vitamins C and E support natural bodily defences Healthy digestion: a tailored mix of fibres with prebiotics and sugar beet pulp to keep the digestive tract healthy Strong heart: contains vital nutrients that can keep the heart strong and healthy Well accepted: delicious flavour thanks to improved recipe with fresh meat and other selected ingredients Free from added artificial flavours, colourings and wheat Crunchy pellets: size adapted to your dog’s jaws, easy to bite and chew Resealable bag More information about the individual varieties can be found here: IAMS Dry Dog Food



Great savings on IAMS! Iams is committed to helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives through innovative nutrition that truly makes a difference.


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