James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food Economy Pack

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James Wellbeloved


James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food has been specially developed to provide your ferrets with a healthy, tasty meal. Ferrets have a high energy requirement however they have a much shorter digestive tract than that of cats or dogs. This means that plant fibres pass through more quickly and your pet cannot get the full benefit of seed and soya components in many cat and dog foods. The main source of protein in Ferret Complete is turkey, which supplies your pet over 40% protein. Fat, the most important source of energy for ferrets should also form a significant part of their diet. Ferret Complete has a turkey fat content of more than 10% and this tasty food also contains whole linseed. This is rich in valuable fatty acids and promotes a soft and glossy coat. Yucca extract can help to reduce smelly faeces and prebiotics (MOS) encourage healthy gut flora. Ferret Complete Food isn’t just a healthy and nutritious food, ferrets love its taste too. It is made with wholesome ingredients, enriched with a delicious turkey gravy and formed into cute star shapes. James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food at a glance: Rich in animal proteins and fat Suitable for the ferret’s digestive system Healthier than feeding them chicks or cat food – less faeces, less odour Smaller, firmer poop Unlike raw meat or chicks, it stays fresh in the bowl all day long Irresistible flavour for ferrets in a cute star shape James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food is a real feast for your ferret.


James Wellbeloved

Great savings on James Wellbeloved! For over 25 years, James Wellbeloved has been combining wholesome, delicious and naturally healthy food to help your pet eat better.
James Wellbeloved


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