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JBL Algol 250ml anti algae algaecide remove treat brown green hair aquarium fish buy now deals!

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JBL Algol JBL Algol – Water conditioner to combat algae in freshwater aquariums. Excessive algae growth always occurs when a surplus of nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) are present in the water. That’s why long-term algae control always works in two steps: First the anti-algae agent JBL Algol fights the algae and then the nutrients are irreversibly bound. JBL PhosEx ultra or JBL PhosEx direct are very well suited for this. Algae-eating animals, such as sucker catfish, shrimps and snails can also be a great help. For beautiful freshwater aquariums: combats all algae species fast and intensively Not harmful to fish and microorganisms when used correctly Crystal-clear water. Combats all algae species Application only in the morning. Before use we recommend a partial water change of 30 %. Ensure sufficient oxygen content by means of aeration during the treatment Contents: 1 bottle Algol. To use: 10 ml/40 l Wasser. Example with 60 l aquarium: 15 ml


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