JBL pH-Minus
JBL pH-Minus
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JBL pH-Minus


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JBL pH-Minus JBL pH-Minus – Water conditioner to reduce the pH value in freshwater aquariums. Fish need to be as comfortable in the aquarium as they are in nature. Water dwellers have adapted to the acidity (pH value) of their habitat and also need to find similar conditions in the aquarium. The wrong pH value not only means stress for the aquarium dwellers but it also can be the cause for diseases or it can reduce their lifespan. The JBL water conditioners decrease or increase the pH level and make the water ideally suited to the requirements of the fish once more. For aquarium water to suit both fish and plants in freshwater aquariums, in turtle tanks and in shrimp tanks Rapid decrease of the pH value thanks to natural oak extract, phosphate-free The ideal pH value for most freshwater fish and plants is in the neural range around 7. Tip: the carbonate hardness should be at least 4 °dKH Use with pH values >8: 10 ml/40 l water, pH value 7-8: 10 ml/80 l water, pH values


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