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JBL ProSilent Air Pump JBL ProSilent Air Pump – Healthy fish – An air pump for aquariums is an advantage during the night since plants need light to produce oxygen. In thinly planted aquariums the air pump surely supplies the necessary water circulation. In aquariums with dense planting the air pump provides the aquarium with oxygen at night, since the number of plants means the oxygen concentration can drop to a dangerous level. When disease is present in the aquarium the air pump increases the oxygen level in the water, an essential condition for many medications. Simple to connect – Connect hose with air pump. Cut air hose and then insert check valve. Cut the remaining hose to the desired length. Connect one end with check valve and other end with air stone. If possible mount the pump on the wall next to the aquarium. Hook for hanging up attached. Regulate air quantity at air outlet. Safe and powerful – TÜV tested. Powerful and ensures safety through an air connection with hose screw connection. A noise suppression air chamber, the reinforced housing wall and vibration dampening silicone feet reduce any noise. The device is also equipped with a check valve. Important: because the noise level cannot be totally eliminated, the pump is not suitable for use in bedrooms. Health and well-being for fish and plants: air pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums from 40 up to 150 l Easy to install: connect pump with air hose and air stone. Mount pump outside aquarium then place air stone inside the aquarium Reduced noise level: noise suppression air chamber, vibration dampening silicone feet, reinforced housing wall, adjustable air outlet, 90° rotatable air connection with hose screw connection Pumps available: a100 (Performance: 100 L/H – Watt: 3W) a200 (Performance: 200 L/H – Watt: 3.4W) a300 (Performance: 300 L/H – Watt: 3.9W) a400 (Performance: 400 L/H – Watt: 5.5W) Click here to also browse a wide range of Aquarium Pumps & Filtration products!


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