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JBL Sansibar GREY JBL Sansibar GREY – Grey, fine substrate for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The substrate is an important part of the aquarium components because a lot of animals dig in the ground to search for food. The plants also need a safe hold and have to absorb the food in the ground through their roots. Digging fish absolutely need a substrate which is not sharp-edged. We can only recommend undergravel heating for medium-fine to coarse substrates because water circulation cannot really build up in very fine substrates. Use: Rinse the substrate with tap water to remove any abrasion caused in transit. Put substrate on the nutrient substrate (JBL AquaBasis) to also promote the plant growth (for vigorous growth about 6-8 cm). Fine, uncoloured sandy soil: substrate for fresh and saltwater aquariums and aqua-terrariums Vigorous plant growth: prevents the seeping in of sludge and other waste material with its fine granulation and density Prevents injuries of the mucous membrane: fine, round-shaped natural sand is gentle on sensitive barbels. Ideal for grubbing fish, such as armoured catfish and loaches Ideal for fish, invertebrates and plants: no unwanted pollutants released into the water. Package contents: 1 bag Sansibar Grey. Grain size: 0.2 – 0.6 mm. Not fully suitable for undergravel heating cables Also click here for a wide range of Substrates!


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