JR Farm Ball Trio - 3 Ball Set - 8cm diameter
JR Farm Ball Trio – 3 Ball Set – 8cm diameter
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JR Farm Ball Trio – 3 Ball Set – 8cm diameter


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Jr Farm


Fight boredom with the JR Farm Ball Trio! The set contains 3 balls, made of 100% natural materials, is an ideal toy and nibble snack for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small pets. This toy trio includes a ball made of rood, grass and rattan. It contains no glue, metal or plastics, ensuring there is no risk of injury to your small pet and making it completely edible! These long-lasting toys are great for your pet to nibble or gnaw on, promoting natural tooth abrasion and help keep your small pet’s teeth at a healthy length. And once they have chewed the material off, it is great for nesting pets to use as bedding. Whether you have a hamster, rat or rabbit, this toy set is bound to excite your pet and keep them entertained! JR Farm Ball Trio at a glance: Set with 3 balls for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and other small pets For playing and nibbling 100% natural material: made of wood, rattan or grass Completely edible: promotes healthy tooth abrasion Long lasting fun: ideal for playing, rolling and gnawing Ideal for nesting: chewed materials can be used as bedding No risk of injury: no glue, metal or plastic or other harmful ingredients Colour: brown Dimension: 8cm diameter


JR Farm

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Jr Farm


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