Komodo Compact Lamp UVB 10% (ES)

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Komodo Compact Lamp UVB 10% (ES) Komodo Compact Lamp UVB 10% (ES) – Desert Sun 10% UVB for desert reptile species exposed to strong sunlight. Compact lamps are the ideal for use in small enclosures up to around 600mm/2ft in length. Requiring no external ballast electronics, these lamps can be fitted into regular screw fit lamp holders. They’re energy efficient too, emitting very little heat and also uses less power than UVB tubes.



Komodo reptile products are proven to perform. For reptiles: reliable products to provide habitat enrichment and welfare benefits. For keepers: equipment that looks great, is easy to install and simple to use. Komodo products cater for hobbyists of all levels.


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