Lucky Reptile Protection Glove
Lucky Reptile Protection Glove
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Lucky Reptile Protection Glove


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Lucky Reptile Protection Glove Lucky Reptile Protection Glove – Robust protection gloves combine movement flexibility and good protection. Perfect for handling snakes and large lizards like monitor, green iguanas or also water dragons. These excellent quality gloves offer the protection you need from bites or scratches. Material they use, designed for reptile comfort, made from materials, less likely to damage their teeth or jaw. Available to buy singly, for either your right or left hand depending on which one is most likely to be targeted during handling. Available in: Left hand or Right hand (Use drop down menu above to select which glove you’d like) While the vast majority of reptiles are calm creatures, sometimes reptile handling can get a little dicey, especially if your snake or lizard is nervous. These protective gloves can help you and your reptile stay safe during routine handling. The glove also helps to mask any scents on your skin which your reptile may mistake as food or a threat. Suitable for: Handling snakes and large Lizards Lucky Reptile always guarantees its products and always strives for the best quality. You can find this brand at the better animal-reptile specialty store. Click here to also browse a wide range of Lucky Reptile products we stock!


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