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Lukullus Junior Poultry Game is a complete grain-free wet dog food, specifically formulated to meet the needs of puppies and young dogs. It is made with premium ingredients and rich in animal protein, vegetable ingredients and valuable oils to ensure your young dog gets all the nutrients it needs. This dog food does not contain any artificial additives such as taste enhancers, colour or preservatives. Lukullus Junior is completely natural – because nature provides your dog with everything it needs for a healthy development. Lukullus Junior meets the specific nutritional needs of puppies and young dogs. The protein-rich combination of delicious poultry and hearty game provides plenty of energy for your young dog. The balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio ensures that bones and teeth develop properly. Lukullus Junior allows your dog to develop and grow naturally and makes sure that it gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay happy and healthy. Lukullus natural dog food is different to other dog foods and made to a unique recipe: More than 65 % meat is an excellent basis for a species appropriate dog food. The meat and offal used undergo a stringent quality control to ensure that it is easy to digest and well accepted by your pet. Sweet potato are packed with plenty of vital roughage and fibre for a healthy metabolism. The tasty recipe is rounded off with healthy, vitamin-packed blueberries and a splash of sunflower oil. No chemical additives such as taste enhancers, artificial colour or preservatives are used in Lukullus Junior. Lukullus Junior Poultry Game is made to a delicious, grain-free recipe and enriched with sweet potatoes, blueberries and sunflower oil to create a protein-rich meal which is just right for puppies and young dogs. It is easy to digest and contains lots of vitamins and fatty acids. Lukullus Junior is a natural, premium food for young dogs made from tasty, premium quality ingredients. Lukullus takes its cue from the rules of nature and makes dog food in accordance with dogs’ natural requirements. The food is carefully prepared to retain all the important nutrients and provides a natural diet for your dog, helping it to enjoy a balanced and healthy life. Lukullus Junior premium dog food – especially created so you can feed your dog the diet nature intended.



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