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Markus Muhle


Markus Muhle NaturNah Mini recognises that your dog’s digestive system is still remarkably similar to that of its wolf ancestors. The natural canine diet would contain not only the meat of its prey but also bones, offal, berries, herbs and insects. Markus Muhle uses this knowledge as inspiration for the ingredients to include in their NaturNah Mini dog food, including human-grade quality animal protein such as poultry, game, fish and egg yolks as well as a range of plant substances such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Your dog’s immune system is supported further by Acticell Fruit Powder, which acts as fuel for cells as well as supporting digesting and improving the intake of valuable nutrients. The pellets have been specially designed to fit the jaw size of smaller breed dogs. The nugget form ensures that the food is chewed sufficiently before being swallowed, and that enough saliva is produced. The vital nutrients found in the high-quality ingredients are maintained thanks to the gentle cold water pressing process used during manufacturing. A balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements go into this gluten-free premium food that cares for your dog’s overall wellbeing. This food is also free from ingredients such as animal meal, difficult to digest vegetable by-products and chemical colours, attractants and preservatives. Markus Muhle NaturNah Mini at a glance: Premium complete food for small breed adult dogs Ingredients closely based on the natural diet of a wolf in the wild, a dog’s natural ancestor: meat, bones, offal, herbs, berries and insects High protein content: from poultry, game, fish and egg yolk in human grade quality With Acticell Fruit Powder: rich in secondary plant substances that strengthen the body’s natural defences, support healthy digestions and improve the ability to take on nutrients Gently cold-pressed: to preserve the natural nutrients of the ingredients Small kibble: specially designed for the jaws of small breed dogs Nugget form: encourages chewing and sufficient saliva production Gluten-free: suitable even for sensitive dogs With beneficial natural ingredients: contains a mix of vitalising fruits as well as flaxseed oil, algae meal, herbs and Jerusalem artichoke With naturally bound fibre: for healthy digestion With salmon oil: to support healthy skin and fur Yucca extract: to regulate digestion and reduce stool odour Only the finest ingredients: free from animal meal, difficult to digest vegetable by-products and inorganic minerals, as well as GMO ingredients and artificial colours, attracts and preservatives


Markus Muhle

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Markus Muhle


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