Senior Black Angus Markus Muhle Dry Dog Food
Markus Mühle Senior Black Angus Dry Dog Food
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Markus Mühle Senior Black Angus Dry Dog Food


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Markus Muhle


Markus Muhle aims to provide your dog with the healthiest, most natural diet possible. All Markus Muhle products contain a combination of high quality animal proteins, premium carbohydrates, and carefully selected vegetable ingredients. These natural ingredients are cold-pressed, ensuring that the structure of the proteins and carbohydrates are not altered by cooking at high temperatures. This gentle process locks in vital vitamins and micronutrients, so your dog gets the full benefits of each healthy ingredient. Black Angus dry dog food is free from chemical preservatives, colourings and flavours, making it especially easily digestible. The purely natural ingredients make Markus Muhle unforgettably delicious for your dog. Suitable for large dogs over 6 years, and small dogs over 7 years Proteins from beef, duck and herring High quality, easily digested protein sources can encourage healthy growth and strengthen muscles. Herring provides essential oils that help to stimulate the metabolism and support cell production. Carbohydrate and fibre Can help to regulate energy intake, optimize intestinal function, support the digestion and strengthen the immune system. Green-lipped mussel extract Rich in chondroitin sulphate and glucosaminoglycans which can reduce cartilage wear stimulate cartilage cell regeneration. Contains a high proportion of EPA/DHA fatty acids, which can also protect the joints. Herbs, berries, roots and seeds These plant ingredients provide vitalising phytonutrients for healthy functioning of the eyes, liver, digestion, nervous system and immune system. Cold water pressing process All raw ingredients are mixed and pressed into pellets without the use of steam or high temperatures, preserving the natural chemical structures and biological effects of herbs, carbohydrates and muscle meat extract. No genetically modified ingredients Contains no chemical colouring, attractants or preservatives No inorganic materials such as calcium carbonate or feeding lime The nutritional specialists at Markus Muhle have always done things a little differently. Based on the ideas of vets, dog breeders and the director of a dog kennel, they wanted a dog food which is in keeping with a dog’s natural diet in the wild. The result is Markus Muhle Dog Food. Black Angus Senior with Duck and Herring is designed to support your dog in the second half of life. The senior recipe is specially designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of older dogs. Important plant derivatives from ginseng, marigold and grape seed extract encourage healthy cell growth and maintenance, and support organ function in your dog’s golden years. Duck and Angus Beef Delicious and well accepted protein sources, ideal for dogs with food intolerances or fussy eaters. Herring Contains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can stimulate the metabolism and help the body to produce and maintain healthy cell walls. Brown wholegrain rice An easily digested carbohydrate source, which provides optimal energy release and helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight. Marigold extract Rich in lutein for healthy vision, and contains an optimal combination of specific antioxidants including vitamin E which can stabilize and strengthen the immune system. Ginseng and grape seed extract Ginseng root provides a boost to the body’s natural defences. Grape seed extract is rich in polyphenols, which reduce cell oxidization, protecting the DNA of the cell nucleus. This can have a positive effect on the aging of cells. Please note: Since no chemical colours, preservatives, flavourings or genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of Markus Muhle dog food it can only be stored for up to 8 months after the listed production date.


Markus Muhle

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Markus Muhle


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