Medium/Large KONG Dog Ball
Medium/Large KONG Dog Ball
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Medium/Large KONG Dog Ball


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This durable natural rubber KONG Ball with Hole is made from the same robust natural rubber material as the popular KONG Classic. This snack ball is just as robust and sturdy as the KONG Classic and can stand up to some serious chewing! It helps to satisfy your dog’s natural need to chew whilst also helping to clean its teeth. The ball has a very strong bounce, so if you throw it for your dog it just flies around – your dog won’t be able to resist chasing it. This is the perfect dog ball for throwing, bouncing and fetching, and is great to keep your dog occupied when it is left alone, as well as when you are playing together. The hole in the ball makes it easy to grip and pick up, even if it becomes wet or slippery and you can also stuff the hole with small snacks or dog treats. This durable ball is bound to be a long-lasting favourite with your pet. KONG Ball at a glance: Ball and chew toy for medium-sized and large dogs Sturdy and durable: made from the classic KONG natural rubber that stands up to hard chewing Sates your dog’s natural need to chew: satisfies your dog’s chewing instinct and also helps to keep teeth clean Verstatile toy: for throwing, bouncing and fetching Strong bounce: fun to bounce around bounces far high Hole: to stuff with treats, paste or simply to make it easier to pick up the ball Keeps your dog entertained: a great toy to occupy your dog when it is on its own and also good for playing together High quality toy: cleverly-designed KONG branded toys are famously durable Colour: red Material: natural rubber Size: M/L for dogs 13 – 30kg Dimensions: ball diameter 7.5cm Opening: diameter 1.8cm Please note: No toy is indestructible. As with any other product, please check regularly for damage, and replace if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.



Great savings on Kong Pet Toys! KONG dog toys are indestructible dog toys made of natural rubber and holds up against the big chewers available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


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