Mr Johnsons Advance Guinea Pig Food 10kg
Mr Johnsons Advance Guinea Pig Food 10kg
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Mr Johnsons Advance Guinea Pig Food 10kg


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Mr Johnsons Advance Guinea Pig is a wholesome and balanced complementary guinea pig food designed to especially for fussy eaters. Comprising just a single type of nugget, Mr Johnsons helps prevent selective feeding and is naturally rich in vital vitamin C, as well as fibre to manage essential dental wear in your guinea pigs constantly growing teeth. With Verm-X, a natural and gentle formula designed to maintain optimal digestive health, Mr Johnsons Advance guinea pig food contains a natural prebiotic to promote friendly bacteria in your pets tummy and is best fed alongside plentiful good quality hay and a small amount of fresh greens for a complete diet. Overfed guinea pigs will often selectively feed, leaving their least favourite foods until last and leading to an unbalanced diet and a potential deficit of essential nutrients. Split your pets daily requirements into a morning and evening meal and only refill their bowl when empty to discourage selective feeding. Ingredients:Wheatfeed, alfalfa, barley, oatfeed, soya bean meal, sunflower seed meal, vegetable oil & fat, carrot, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, verm-x herb blend, Bio-Mos, Glucosamine, De-odoraseNutritional Additives:Vitamin A (E672) 10,000iu/kg; Vitamin C 400mg/kg; Vitamin D (E671) 1,000iu/kg; Vitamin E 50iu/kg; Iron (E1) 161mg/kg; Manganese (E5) 89mg/kg; Zinc oxide (E6) 69mg/kg; Copper (E4) 20. 00mg/kg; Iodine (E2) 0. 8mg/kg; Selenium (E8) 0. 44mg/kgAnalysis:Crude protein 18. 00%; Crude fibre 13. 00%; Crude oils & fats 4. 00%; Crude ash 6. 00%; Calcium 0. 80%; Sodium 0. 15%; Phosphorous 0. 40%


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