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With the Natural Paradise Quadra Ceiling Cat Tree you can provide your cat with a particularly impressive and luxurious piece of scratching furniture. It offers numerous options for climbing, playing and sleeping. This ceiling-high cat tree is made of untreated plywood and is extremely durable and stable, making it ideal for large cats and multi-cat households. The ceiling tensioner can be adjusted between 245 – 275cm to fit the height of your room and it can be additionally secured with a wall bracket so no matter how roughly your cat scratches it will stay sturdy. There are four different levels where your cat can climb around or sit and watch the world go by. It can choose from a roomy den, which is perfect when it wants to get away from it all, two of the square platforms, or even the cosy hammock. Each platform has plush coverings, which are all removable and can be washed up to 30°C. They are firmly attached to the wooden platforms with Velcro. Between each of the levels are durable, square-shaped posts, covered with top quality, natural sisal. The posts are the perfect place for your cat to indulge its natural instincts to scratch, claw and sharpen its nails, and you won’t have to worry about damage to your furniture, carpets or wallpaper. Natural Paradise Quadra Ceiling Cat Tree at a glance: Solid, ceiling-high cat tree with multiple scratching and sleeping options Very robust and sturdy: ideal for multi-cat households and large breed or heavier cats Variable, height-adjustable ceiling tensioner and additional wall bracket: for extra stability Durable, square-shaped scratch posts covered in natural sisal: encourages natural scratching instinct as a vital part of territorial marking. It also protects your furniture and furnishings from scratch attacks. 4 platforms made of real wood: from sustainable forestry Spacious den: with wooden walls and a soft cushion, a cosy hideaway 2 platforms with snuggle beds and hammock: provides plenty of places to sleep and rest Flexible positioning: Lying surfaces can be rotated and positioned as needed Easy care: all upholstery is quilted and lined, with Velcro strips and is machine-washable at 30°C, wooden surfaces can be wiped down Colour: cream Dimensions: Total dimensions: max. 70 x 68 x 245 – 275 cm (L x W x H) Baseplate: 48 x 48 cm (L x W) Den: Total dimensions: 44 x 44 x 30 cm (L x W x H) Inner: 37 x 37 x 26.5 cm (L x W x H) Entrance: 18 x 26.5 cm (W x H) Hammock: Total dimensions: 48 x 48 cm (L x W) Lying area: approx. 35 x 36 cm (L x W) 2 platforms: 44 x 44 cm (L x W) Wall bracket: Height of wall mounting point: approx. 192cm (H) 5 sisal posts: 11 x 11 cm (L x W) 5 x 40cm (L) Instructions for attaching to wall: Before attaching the Natural Paradise Quadra Ceiling Cat Tree to the wall please check whether the wall is suitable for this purpose. The product does not include materials for attaching the scratching post to the wall (e.g. screws and rawl plugs). Suitable fixings can be obtained from any DIY store. Once the scratch post is firmly attached to the wall please check that it is very stable before letting your cat use it. Check the stability regularly and tightened the screws if necessary.


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