NORTHMATE Green Slow Dog Feeder – 40x30x10cm (LxWxH)

NORTHMATE Green Slow Dog Feeder – 40x30x10cm (LxWxH) Read more»

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The Karlie NORTHMATE® Green Feeder hides food or snacks between plastic blades of “grass”, so that your dog has to make an effort and use its skills to push small portions of food out from inside the feeder. This product can help you to teach your dog how to eat its food without gobbling. The special shape of the bowl stops your dog from gulping its food, reducing the chances of bloat and other digestive problems that can be caused by eating too fast. The blades of grass are of different lengths, so that your dog has to take its time to feel its way through. Sometimes it is easy for your dog to get to the tasty morsels and sometimes it’s more difficult, which means that your dog eats its daily meals in small portions. It keeps your dog occupied and provides added intellectual stimulation. The durable plastic keeps its shape and is hygienic and dishwasher safe. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, according to where you usually feed your dog. The interactive nature of the bowl will keep your dog amused while helping it to eat more slowly. The NORTHMATE® Green Feeder at a glance: Bowl with an interactive design to stop dogs from gobbling their food Suitable for dogs of all ages Modern design: blades of “grass” Durable plastic Promotes slow eating Blades of grass of different lengths to prolong time taken to find food Suitable for wet and dry food Keeps its shape Dishwasher safe Suitable for use indoors and outside Made in Denmark Important information: Supervise your dog when using the item for the first time. Do not leave your dog unattended whilst it is eating from the bowl. Do not use NORTHMATE® Green Feeder if your dog is suffering from any gum injuries or any other mouth-related complaints.



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