Pedigree Mixer Adult Dog Food 3kg x 3
Pedigree Mixer Adult Dog Food 3kg x 3
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Pedigree Mixer Adult Dog Food 3kg x 3


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Pedigree Mixer Adult Dog Food is a complimentary food full of vitamins and minerals it has been designed to be fed alongside a wet food. Mixed together with a wet food your dog will find the different flavours and textures tantalising as the crunchy collides with the wet juices. Bringing together wet and dry lets you get build the most optimum diet for your dog as the wet food contains a higher moisture and but is less calorie dense. The dry food helps raise the calorie content whilst helping slow their eating with its crunchy kibble which also aids dental hygiene. Key Benefits Selected natural fibres to keep your dog feeling fuller for longer The A good balance of omega 6 and vitamin E when mixed with canned food will keep fur glossy and skin healthy. Strong teeth and gums! Specially shaped crunchy bits to help keep their teeth in top condition for all those games of tug-of-war. Plus there’s no added sugar. Easy digestion. Wholegrains, naturally rich in fibres, aid proper and complete digestion, so he’s always bursting with energy. Ingredients: Cereals (including 4% Whole Wheat) , Meat and Animal Derivatives, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Antioxidants



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