Porta Pellis Straw Pellets - 60l (approx. 25kg)
Porta Pellis Straw Pellets – 60l (approx. 25kg)
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Porta Pellis Straw Pellets – 60l (approx. 25kg)


Porta Pellis Straw Pellets – 60l (approx. 25kg)

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These Porta Pellis Straw Pellets are environmentally friendly, ecological and 100% biodegradable. It is ideal for small pets, bird and cats, with over 400% absorbency. The Porta Pellis Straw Pellets form no clumps and can be simply thrown into the compost after 2-3 months of use. Porta Pellis Straw Pellets are dust free and made from dried natural wheat straw. It smells pleasant and binds odours before they can spread. The high absorbency of this Porta Pellis Straw Pellets means that you only need a small amount. This straw is made in Germany for small and large pets! Porta Pellis Straw Pellets at a glance Non-clumping natural straw for small pets, birds and cats Made from natural wheat straw in pellet form Extremely absorbent with over 400% absorbency Dust-free ​​​​​​​Extreme odour-binding: naturally pure product ​​​​​​​100% biodegradable, ecological and environmentally friendly: can be thrown in the compost after 2-3 months Economical: thanks to the high absorbency Suitable for small and large pets Made in Germany Please note: out of curiosity, your pet may eat the straw before it treads the pellets down.

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Porta Straw & Bedding 60l (approx. 25kg)

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