Pro Active 8in1 Fillets Small Dog Treats

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8in1 Fillets Pro Active treats are a unique dog snack with valuable ingredients to help keep your dog agile. Made from premium chicken fillets with a Nutri-Center. This Nutri-Center contains vital ingredients to keep your dog healthy. 8in1 Fillets Pro Active is enriched with chondroitin and glucosamine which help your dog to maintain healthy cartilage, bones and joints. The tasty chicken fillet snacks are low in fat so you can treat your dog without worrying about weight gain. The handy re-sealable pouch keeps the 8in1 Fillets Pro Active fresh and it is perfect on journeys or when you are out and about. 8in1 Fillets Pro Active 80g at a glance: Premium chicken fillets Unique Nutri-Center in the middle of the snack. Supports well-being Enriched with chondroitin and glucosamine which are good for cartilage and joints Helps keep your dog mobile Tasty snack for between meals Helps your dog to stay happy and healthy Ideal when you are out and about Only 4.5% fat 8in1 Fillets Pro Active – the healthy treat for more mobility.



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