ProRep Coco Brick
ProRep Coco Brick
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ProRep Coco Brick


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ProRep Coco Brick ProRep Coco Brick – An expandable reptile substrate that soaks in water and becomes a moist bedding for reptiles and also amphibians. Made from natural sustainable coconut husk, it is clean and also odour free. The dry brick expands by 800% and also holds many times its own weight in water. Highly absorbent of waste as well which also makes spot cleaning easy for you. Perfect for tree frogs, chameleons, crested geckos and also salamanders. At a glance: Expands to 800% in size Holds moisture to create humidity Perfect for geckos, salamanders, frogs and also inverts Absorbent and also easy to clean Completely natural from a sustainable resource.


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