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Purina Dentalife Oral Care
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Purina Dentalife Oral Care


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Purina Dentalife Oral Care – A daily oral care routine leads to a healthy mouth. It can also help your pet live a long and healthy life. Your dog has specific health needs, and maintaining good oral health contributes positively to his overall well-being. That’s why the experts at Purina developed Purina Dentalife , an innovative dental chew, scientifically proven to help scrub even those hard-to-reach back teeth, that are the most vulnerable to plaque and also tartar build up. Designed for daily usage, and everyday chewing means more time cleaning. A healthy pet starts with a healthy mouth. Made from corn and wheat with no added sugar and low in fat. NO ADDED ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS OR COLOURANTS Purina® DentaLife® has a delicious chicken taste with no added artificial flavourings or colourants. CHEWY POROUS TEXTURE – The latest innovation in maintaining good oral health for your dog, Purina® DentaLife® dental chews also feature a porous chewy texture. REDUCE TARTAR BUILD-UP – Purina® DentaLife® dog chews scrub even the hard-to-reach teeth that are the most vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up. USE DAILY – Our dog dental chews are designed for daily usage, and everyday chewing also means more time cleaning.



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