Nuggets AdVENTuROS Purina Dog Treats
Purina Nuggets AdVENTuROS Dog Treats
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Purina Nuggets AdVENTuROS Dog Treats


Buy Nuggets AdVENTuROS Purina Dog Treats – These AdVENTuROS Nuggets have been specially developed for four-legged adventurers and explorers! With… Read more»

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These AdVENTuROS Nuggets have been specially developed for four-legged adventurers and explorers! With these tasty treats, offering the motto Take a wild taste adventure, you really can provide your dog with an exciting new flavour experience, with an invigorating wild boar flavour. The flavoursome recipe is based around natural wild flavours. AdVENTuROS Nuggets are in the shape of small chunks, with a grooved surface and natural shape that offers your dog an irresistible treat. The low-fat snacks are rich in meat, contains a minimum 14% poultry content as well as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. No artificial colourings are used in the production of these AdVENTuROS Nuggets, making these the perfect hearty snacks for between meals, or great as rewards for sport or play. The wild flavour helps to satisfy your dog’s desire for adventure, with each nugget being a real special occasion. Let the adventure begin! AdVENTuROS Nuggets at a glance: Supplementary dog food Specially developed for adventurous, discovery-loving dogs Stimulating wild boar flavour: inspired by the pure tastes of nature Handy nuggets: with natural shape and texture With plenty of meat: contains a minimum 14% poultry, extra delicious and protein-rich Low-fat: just 3% fat content Free from: artificial colourings Tasty recipe: wild boar flavour to make these snacks irresistible and awaken the desire for adventure With vital nutrients: contains valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements Versatile: ideal as a snack between meals or for a treat during sport, play and training


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