Adult Beef Purina One Dry Cat Food
Purina One Adult Beef
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Purina One Adult Beef


Adult Beef Purina One Dry Cat Food – Purina ONE Adult Rich in Beef and Whole Grains Dry Cat Food contains the unique Bifensis formula Read more»

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Purina One


Purina ONE Adult Rich in Beef and Whole Grains Dry Cat Food contains the unique Bifensis formula which was developed by Purina’s veterinary and nutritional experts to help support your cat’s health inside and out and encourages a healthy digestive system. It is scientifically proven to help stimulate the intestinal immune system into secreting antibodies. Purina ONE Adult dry cat food also contains valuable omega fatty acids and zinc which support healthy, supple skin and shiny fur. The crunchy kibble can also help to reduce tartar build-up by up to 40% and the balanced mix of minerals support a healthy urinary tract. Vitamin D and other important nutrients help to ensure that your cat’s bones are strong and healthy. This tasty, top quality kibble is free from all artificial additives. It is rich in healthy beef and whole grains which, together with the exclusive Purina One Bifensis formula, provide the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet. The recipe is based on the most up to date scientific findings and meets your pet’s nutritional needs for every life stage and lifestyle. Purina ONE Adult complete dry cat food helps your cat to stay happy and healthy – today and tomorrow! Purina ONE Adult Beef and Whole Grains Dry Cat Food at a glance: Balanced dry food with health benefits, for adult cats 1+ year Bifensis Dual Defense: Helps to protect your cat from the inside and out. Scientifically proven to stimulate the natural antibody production within the intestinal immune system. Omega 6 fatty acids promote supple skin and shiny fur Reduces tartar build-up: Proven to reduce tartar by up to 40% Healthy urinary tract: A balanced mineral content promotes urinary tract health Strong bones: With vitamin D and rich in important minerals for healthy, strong bone High nutrient absorbency: The nutrients in the high-quality ingredients are easy to absorb Balanced diet: Important key nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements support your cat’s health Beef as main ingredient: Rich in valuable animal protein Whole grains Contains taurine: Vital nutrient for cats, important for cardiac function and eyesight Free from artificial additives, colour, taste enhancers and preservatives Developed by experts: Recipe is based on the most up to date scientific findings and recommended by vets Handy zip bag: Re-sealable packaging helps to retain aroma


Purina One

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Purina One


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