Raindrop Drinking Fountain Replacement Filter 3-Pack

Buy Raindrop Drinking Fountain Replacement Filter 3-Pack – Replacement Filter( 3-Pack) at a glance: Pack of 3 replacement fleece and activated carbon… Read more»

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Replacement Filter (3-Pack) at a glance: Pack of 3 replacement fleece and activated carbon filters 3-layered filter system with activated carbon Dimensions: 11.5 x 6 cm (L x W) Cleaning of the Drinking Fountain: Clean the Raindrop Drinking Fountain once a week using a soft sponge and gentle cleaning solution or by washing it in the dishwasher, ensuring no soap remains. Cleaning the Filter: Remove the filter from the base section and rinse it. Do not wash the filter with soap. Clean the foam matting to ensure that water can still freely flow through it. If the filter cannot be cleaned or contains foreign bodies, replace it (replacement filters sold separately). Replace the filter every 3 weeks or as soon as there are visible signs of dirt, food remnants, hair etc. The filter may require more regular replacement depending on your living environment and water quality, as well as if it used by more than one pet. Please refer to the operating instructions. Cleaning the Pump: Check the drive magnet (propeller, impeller) by removing it from the pump and carefully cleaning it with a cloth. As tap water contains lime, over time the filter of your pet’s drinking fountain will build up with limescale. Therefore, it is recommended that dirt is removed from the drive magnet (resembling a propeller or rotor) several times a year, and that it is cleaned with vinegar. To do this, put some vinegar in a bowl and dilute it with tap water. Dampen a cloth and use it to carefully dampen the drive magnet and its surroundings. It is vital that all parts are thoroughly rinsed with tap water after cleaning, as vinegar and other cleaning products can be harmful to pets. Clean the pump at least every 4 weeks. Refer to the operating instructions. What’s this?


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