Classic Beef with Green Tripe Rocco Wet Dog Food
Rocco Classic Beef with Green Tripe
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Rocco Classic Beef with Green Tripe


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Rocco Classic is a complete wet food, made with fresh high-quality meat and offal. The meat content is at least 70% and has been carefully prepared so as to retain its delicious hearty taste and texture. Rocco Classic is a species-appropriate meal for the meat-loving dog. Rocco Classic complete wet dog food is made with 100% fresh ingredients: No Formed Meat Meat isn’t all the same. Many products contain so-called “formed meat” which often imitates natural meat fibres. Rocco is guaranteed not to contain formed meat and to be made using only fresh meat. It does not contain animal meal (e.g. bone meal), vegetable protein (e.g. soya) or other fillers. No Pork Rocco is made of at least 50% beef. The animal that the other 20% of meat comes from can be seen in the flavour variety. Guaranteed! No Chemical Additives Rocco only uses fresh meat of the highest quality and forgoes all chemical additives such as flavour enhancers, artificial colour, and artificial preservatives. The especially gentle cooking process preserves Rocco’s healthy nutrients and strong meat flavour. Rocco wet food is both gluten and grain-free. Rocco Classic wet dog food at a glance: Species-appropriate wet food for adult dogs of all breeds 100% fresh premium ingredients At least 70%* meat and offal Gently prepared at a low temperature to retain all the nutrients as well as the natural meaty taste and texture No artificial additives such as colours, aromas or attractants Grain- and gluten-free Well accepted Rocco – extremely meaty dog dinners! *The remaining 30% consists of meat stock, oils and minerals. The mixed pack contains: 1 x 800g Pure Beef: premium quality meat 1 x 800g Beef with Chicken: especially tasty 1 x 800g Beef with Salmon: rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat 1 x 800g Beef with Poultry Hearts: with quality poultry muscle meat 1 x 800g Beef with Game: high-quality and easily digestible 1 x 800g Beef with Green Tripe: very nutritious and easy to digest



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