Rocco Classic Trays Saver Pack 27x300g Classic Mix 2

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Rocco Classic Trays Saver Packs are a complete wet dog food. This tried and trusted Rocco wet food is also available in convenient trays. The economical saver pack 27 x 300g trays are a practical alternative to tins or cans. Rocco Classic is a species-appropriate dog food, with a minimum of 65-70% fresh meat and offal. Some varieties also have rice or potatoes for extra fibre. Rocco wet dog food is delicious. It is wholesome, tastes great and is easy to digest. The ingredients help to improve the condition of your dog’s coat, and boost vitality. Gentle preparation ensures that the intense, meaty flavours are preserved, as well as the natural textures of the meat and all of the essential nutrients. These dog food trays are ideal for small dogs with big appetites as well as for smaller meals for larger dogs. Choose from Rocco Classic or Rocco Classic Extra. These Saver Packs available in a selection of flavours. 27 x 300g Rocco Classic Pure Beef: very meaty, very tasty 27 x 300g Rocco Beef with Green Tripe: nutritious and easy to digest 27 x 300g Rocco Beef with Poultry Hearts: with flavoursome poultry hearts 27 x 300g Rocco Classic Extra Chicken with Rice: for added fibre 27 x 300g Rocco Classic Extra Beef with Potato: a source of healthy carbs Mixed Pack Rocco Classic: 9 x 300g Pure Beef, 9 x 300g Beef with Green Tripe, 9 x 300g Beef with Poultry Hearts Rocco is quality that your dog can taste: Species-appropriate, complete wet dog food for adult dogs 100% fresh ingredients of the highest quality, 0% processed meat Min. 65-70% meat and offal Gentle preparation at lower temperatures helps to preserve the intense meaty flavours, nutrients and natural textures Free from low grade meat by-products, meat meal (e.g. bone meal), or vegetable protein extracts used as fillers (e.g. soya) Free from any artificial colourings, flavourings or attractants Give your dog something special with Rocco Classic in 300g trays! Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Switzerland.



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