Adult Mini Royal Canin Wet Dog Food
Royal Canin Adult Mini Wet Dog Food
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Royal Canin Adult Mini Wet Dog Food


Royal Canin Adult Mini Wet Dog Food – Everyone loves to be pampered and small breed dogs are no exception.Royal Canin Wet Mini Adult has been specially… Read more»

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Royal Canin


Everyone loves to be pampered and small breed dogs are no exception. Royal Canin Wet Mini Adult has been specially developed for small breed dogs up to 10kg. The energy content is adapted to their small size and can help maintain an ideal weight, as well as keeping your dog active. The exclusive nutrient combination can help encourage a healthy, balanced intestinal flora. The gentle preparation process for this Royal Canin Wet Mini Adult ensures it is also extremely digestible. Omega-3 fatty acids can help to keep coat glossy and strengthen the immune system. Royal Canin Wet Mini Adult at a glance: Complete high-quality food for small breed dogs up to 10kg, between the ages of 10 months and 12 years Comprehensive recipe Specially-selected ingredients for digestion, energy and coat, ensuring all-round good health for your small dog. Tender meat The juicy, delicious meaty chunks in a tasty sauce are perfectly adapted to small jaws. Ideal weight maintenance: an adapted energy content to encourage normal weight Regulates metabolism skin function: with EPA and DHA, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, helping promote healthy skin and metabolism Balanced gut flora: supports the intestines with a special nutrient combination Highly digestible: gentle preparation and selected ingredients that contribute to a balanced digestive flora Small, practical pouches: fresh pouches specially designed for small breed dogs Royal Canin Quality Guarantee All Royal Canin products undergo strict quality controls, in order to ensure your dog receives a premium quality food adapted to meet its individual nutritional needs and specific lifestyle. This means that Royal Canin offers your dog high-quality, balanced nutrition. Complete and balanced combination: Royal Canin offers a perfect combination of dry and wet food for healthy, balanced nutrition. It combines crunchy kibble with delicious chunks in gravy or jelly, which complement each other and provide great nutrition. The kibble is adapted to meet different breed and size requirements, as well as being beneficial for your dog’s teeth. With Royal Canin you can guarantee your dog receives the optimum, specially-adapted nutrition it needs.


Royal Canin

Royal Canin dog food and cat food, the best pet food which perfectly meet dogs' and cats' needs. Royal Canin take pride in each formula has been created to deliver nutrition tailored to your pet’s health needs whatever their size, breed, age or lifestyle.
Royal Canin


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